WIBA Agency

The WIBA Agency is the largest global agency for collaboration between the best bloggers and opinion leaders with the most famous sustainable and successful advertising brands.

Our agency includes not only bloggers of lists A, B, and C, but the best micro-influencers as well, because cooperation with them brings quick results and successes to the collaboration.

A – list is the most prestigious category assigned to celebrity bloggers, who have proven themselves to be the best in cooperation with advertisers, as well as being media-recognizable personalities.

B – list – successful bloggers with a quality audience and active involvement in their activities, tested by WBA experts.

C – list – micro-influencers, who declared themselves to be of good quality and have a very high level of communication with their audience. According to the best marketing research, cooperation with this category of bloggers results in the most effective feedback.

WIBA Agency has the largest worldwide database of micro-influencers, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by our experts. Recent marketing research has proven the problems of working with bloggers with unjustified results for advertisers since neither artificial intelligence nor any program can determine whether the blogger used the services of the bots while building the audience.

WIBA Agency signs agreements only with influencers tested on the experience of cooperation. Thus, the effectiveness of working with our agency is guaranteed.

The agency also works on the selection of bloggers for a specific advertising company, based on feedback from previous collaborations with our clients.

Lily Lee, WIBA Agency Managing Director