Online Education



  • content making
  • personal brand strategy
  • social media discovery
  • copywriting
  • photo/video editing applications overview
  • workshops

Duration: 1 month, 12 hours. Price: 480 euro


  • introduction: Influencers in terms of the entertainment business, media Business, marketing, and sociology
  • an overview of platforms: analysis and features of all social media networks, as well as a personal blog
  • Instagram: nowadays realities and the ways of growing and audience involving
  • social responsibility, content integrity
  • online anti-bullying
  • content legality and its use
  • content protection
  • cooperation with advertisers
  • TikTok: an expert overview
  • Youtube: an expert overview
  • content creation: photos, videos, copywriting in the terms of all social media networks
  • communication with audiences and their types
  • drama skills, live broadcasts, conversational genre in videos for social media
  • auxiliary programs and applications overview
  • creative course: blog style, content visualization
  • advertisers search and business etiquette
  • creation of a media kit and its presentation
  • media communications

Duration: 6 months, 70 hours. Price: 2 800 euro

Expert PRO Duration: 12 months, 140 hours. Price: 4 800 euro

Private 10 lectures/12 hours Program Price: 1 200 euro

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