• Opening Speech: The Era of Awareness
  • Session: Importance of Influencers’ Voice Nowadays
  • Session: The Way from Influencer to Businessman and from Businessman to Influencer
  • Session: Influencers’ Marketing Cases of Successful Collaborations
  • Panel Discussion: Influencers’ Marketing Trends
  • Session: Advertising Transformations in the Influencers’ Marketing Era
  • Session: Art, Fashion & NFTs
  • Session: Love is in the Air! How to Attain Mutual Love Between the Brand and the Influencer
  • Panel Discussion: Ways to Maximize Your Influence
  • Session: The Impact of Social Media on the Business Development
  • Session: Highlighting Crucial Social Causes and Awareness Through Influencers’ Activity and Creative Decisions
  • Concluding Remarks: The Era of Awareness