• What is the World Influencers Forum?

    World Influencers Forum  – the international event is devoted to bringing together influential personalities and brands from all over the world to cooperate across industries and borders and to share ideas, information, and innovations. WIF is organized by World Influencers Association to bring together the brightest minds and the most influential voices of the industry for a conversation. WIF allows you to make new connections with Influencers and decision-makers face to face, in person, real-time. We believe in the power of being present. 

  • What is the WIBA Awards?

    WIBA Awards is a global award for the best opinion leaders from all over the world.

    The first WIBA ceremony took place on May 24, 2019, in Cannes at the Hotel Martinez during Film Festival.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related quarantine restrictions worldwide, the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards 2020 was transformed into a digital format.

    The WIBA 2021 successfully took place in Cannes, honoring the remarkable talents in various domains. The 2022 ceremony was held in Cannes on 18th May, and the fifth is scheduled on 26th May 2023 in Hotel Martinez.

  • What are COVID-19 safety measures at the event?

    If you cannot participate because you are unable to come due to COVID-19, please send us proof of a PCR test issued by a medical or government establishment, and we will keep your space for next year’s participation in the same category.

  • How can I pay for selected Package?

    In the Checkout page you can pay with:

    PayPal account or Visa/Mastercard, without opening Paypal account. PayPal will pre-authorise the amount on your card, then send you back to the seller to complete your purchase. If you don’t complete it or the purchase amount changes, any pending pre-authorisations usually drop off within 1 working day.

    Apple Pay with the card tied up to your Apple Pay account.

    Coinbase – the cryptocurrency payment options: BTC, ETH, DOGE, DAI, USDC, LTC, BCH.

    Paysera – bank links from multiple countries. Please select the country of your bank on the top of the page.

    If you would like to pay by simple bank transfer, please make a wire to:

    Bank name: WISE
    Account holder: WIBA Academy LLP
    Account: BE44 9672 5860 9945
    Payment reference: Name of the Attendee

    If you require an invoice please contact us on: contact@wiba.global

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