WIBA Awards is the global award for talents and most influential personalities in the social media world. WIBA Awards is a multimillion people-reaching annual award highlighting the most important social causes, empowering Influencers’ voices, and encouraging global conversations and friendships. WIBA Awards ceremony, taking place in Cannes during Cannes Film Festival since 2019, is an exciting newsworthy event with a huge media weight as many influencers simultaneously present in the same place.

World Influencers Forum — the international event which is devoted to bringing together influential personalities and brands from all over the world to cooperate across industries and borders and to share ideas, information, and innovations. WIF is the first global platform in the influencer industry for business networking and shaping the future.

WIBA Trophy is the award aimed to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of businesses, brands, and influential individuals in Monaco and beyond, and to showcase how advertising expands into new realms of influence. The winners of the WIBA Trophy are chosen through online voting along with Advisory Board members, and that makes the awards special as the public had the opportunity to support their preferred brands and businesses and acknowledge their positive impact on the community.